Healing Resources

The following is a list of reading materials that you may find helpful in your grieving process.  Visit your local library to find one that fits your needs.

Living When a Loved One Dies by Grollman, Earl
My Son - My Son by Bolton, Iris
Just Us - Henry by Jenkins, Wanda
Understanding Grief-Helping Yourself by Wolfelt, Alan D.
When a Baby Dies by Linbo, Rana K. and Wheeler, Sara Rich
The Bereaved Parent by Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff
Dear Parents by Centering Corp.
What Helped Me When My Loved One Died by Grollman, Earl
Helping Children Cope With Grief by Wolfelt, Alan
Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope by O'Toole, Donna
For Women Who Grieve by Tansley, Tangea
The Empty Place by Temes, Roberta
Talking About Death by Grollman, Earl
Losing Uncle Tim by Friedman, Judith
Breaking The Silence by Goldman, Linda
Helping Teens Work Through Grief by Perschy, Mary Kelly
Recovering from the Loss of a Sibling by Donnelly, Katherine Fair
Recovering from the Loss of a Parent by Donnelly, Katherine
Recovering from the Loss of a Child by Donnelly, Katherine
Men and Grief by Standacher, Carol
When There Are No Words by Welton, Charlie
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart by Davis, Deborah L.
Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers by Grollman, Earl
Widows Are Special by Peabody, Kathleen
Grieving the Death of a Friend by Smith, Harold Ivan
Widower by Campbell, Scott
No Time For Goodbyes by Lord, Janice Harris
Death:  The Final Stage of Growth by Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth
How Do We Tell the Children by Schaefer, Dan
After Suicide:  A Ray of Hope by Ross, E. Betsy
Beyond Sympathy by Lord, Janice Harris
When a Friend Dies by Goolman, Marilyn E.
For Bereaved Grandparents by Gerner, Margaret
When A Child Has Died by Conrad, Bonnie Hunt
When Bad Things Happen To Good People by Kushner, Harold
Living With Grief After Sudden Loss by Doka, Ken